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"As a Canadian working in the US, I had found that the task of filing my tax returns had gone from totally confusing to utterly impossible. Thank goodness I found Howland Tax Services! Your extensive knowledge of cross-border tax has made my life easy. You're a life saver! Thanks Brad!"

Keith Uyeno
Database Administrator
Durham, NC

"Every year, Howland Tax Services rescues us from a morass of bewildering (to us) figures and demands, and make sense of them for us. After decades of having our taxes done by Block Bros., it's a relief to have this onerous but obligatory task looked after with such efficient dispatch by someone – not just an accountant but another musician! – who actually knows the right questions to ask, and who makes valuable suggestions about issues which would never have even occurred to us. BB never once asked if they should address themselves to questions of deductions and expenses specific to the music business, resulting in losses of hundreds if not thousands of dollars in possible refunds, not to speak of overpayments as the result of so-called taxable income, much of which really wasn't!"

Carol and Larry De La Haye
Music Teachers
Victoria, BC

"What a relief it was to find Howland Tax Services! Since moving to Canada over three years ago getting my taxes completed easily and economically had been a huge challenge for me. This year was completely different! Brad did a great job, especially when it came to the complicating process of claiming stock options from the US."

Elliott McIsaac
eBay Supervisor
Vancouver, BC

"I formerly used a high profile accounting firm to prepare my tax return but their high fees were eating up most of the tax refund. Since I switched to Howland Tax Services, I am getting more of my salary refunded because Brad has made me aware of deductions available to musicians that the big name firm never used - and his fee is a fraction of what I used to pay. I'm very happy with the service."

Angela Schneider
Violist, Vancouver Symphony
Cultural Tour Coordinator and Web Master
Great Expeditions
Vancouver, BC

"When first moving to Vancouver from California, we weren't sure where to start when it came time for taxes: State income tax, US taxes, Canadian tax....salaried work in conjunction with private practice...moving expenses...what a mess! Brad took this on, and helped us make sense of it all by the April 15th U.S. deadline, in a timely and efficient manner. It has been easy to work with Brad (although we reside in Vancouver), as he is reliable, consistent, and always available when needed."

Jeanne LeBlanc
Vancouver, BC

"I am glad that I found Howland Tax Services. I have investments in both the US and Canada and it can be difficult to keep track of them. Brad is efficient, organized, and always there if tax questions should come up during the year."

Sean Louvelle
Registered Nurse & International Investor
San Jose, CA

"Brad has been key in completing our international tax requirements. We have finally found a professional and experienced one stop shop that can remove the hassle (as much as possible) of tax time. Answering questions via email, through quick correspondence, and pointing out additional benefits to take within the law, he is very helpful saving us time an money. Thank you, and we'll be back!"

Dan Streiff
Computer Programmer
Vancouver, BC

"Working with Howland Tax Services always eases the burden at tax time. They've always been highly reponsive to our needs and found the right solution to our tricky tax problems. They're a pleasure to work with."

Jennifer Gunter
Jacob Wan
Computer Programmer
Victoria, BC

"I was quite happy both with Brad Howland's quick replies to my several e-mailed questions and with the preparation of our returns. Howland Tax Services delivered everything they promised for the quoted price and went the extra step by alerting us to our eligibility for a child benefit available from another branch of the federal government. It's much appreciated and we'll be back at tax time."

Thomas Rockenfield
Lab Technician
Kitchener, ON

"I was impressed by the fast and efficient job that Howland Tax Service did on my taxes for such a reasonable fee! Brad's calm attitude really helped to alleviate the stress of trying to fill out my own taxation forms. If you are self employed or have any trepidation about doing your own taxes I would recommend using Howland Tax Service."

Nicole Scoffield
Violinist, Singer & Songwriter
Vancouver, BC

"As professional freelance musicians over the past many years, both my wife Barb and I have employed several accountants and tax consultants. Because Brad Howland is also a fine musician, and knows the business of music extremely well, he is the perfect professional to handle the tax affairs of people such as us. He is the best we've ever had! (And, he's a nice guy to boot!)."

Ian McDougall
Trombonist, Composer & Arranger
Victoria, BC

"Howland Tax Services has provided me with high quality, knowledgeable and timely tax accounting services for the past 3 years. I recommend them for personal, professional and business purposes with confidence."

Alan Kohut, PEng.
Hy-Geo Consulting
Victoria, BC

"Brad has done my US and Canadian taxes for 2 years now. He has been diligent and efficient, as well as calm and clear. His work is definately cost-effective, and I would recommend him to anyone needing tax help."

Stephanie Davis
Registered Acupressurist
Victoria, BC

"Brad is very professional and extremely easy to work with. He provides a high quality project in a timely manner for a very competitive price. I was referred to Howland Tax Services by friends who have been customers forever – I have been a client for several years already and plan to continue for many years to come."

Nicole Arendt
Musician & Kindermusik Teacher
Nanaimo, BC

"I have a complicated life as a temporary employee/student/voice teacher and life coach, so my taxes reflect the complications and multiply by 10. Howland Tax Services have handled my taxes for the past 5 years or so and everything is always done to perfection - on time, clear and reasonably priced!"

Victoria Zajchowski
Music Teacher and Life Coach
Vancouver, BC

"Friendly and professional. Brad has expertise with cross-border tax issues, so I turned to him for filing my tax return (I live in Victoria but work remotely for a US company). Reasonable turnaround time and price."

Jonathan Aquino
Computer Programmer/Analyst
Victoria, BC

"Needless to say it is important to have a good tax preparer. 'Good' is not just the word I'd use to describe Howland Tax Services. I say to all my friends and would say to other individuals and businesses – go to Howland Tax Services because it's reliable, fast, really professional, and service you can trust."

Luba Ellis
Teacher, Accompanist, Performer
Victoria, BC

"I was probably Brad Howland's first client and over the 16 plus years I've done business with Howland Tax Services I've never had a tax problem. Any questions I had were thoroughly researched by Brad and I look forward to another 16 plus years of trouble free tax service."

Murray Vaasjo
Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
Edmonton, AB

"I can neither thank nor recommend Brad Howland enthusiastically enough! As an epic procrastinator I certainly know what it feels like to get behind, but thanks to Brad's expert, no-nonsense advice and his rock solid grasp of our seemingly labyrinthine tax system, I'm caught up and feel financially healthy at last. Bravo, maestro!!"

Robert Holliston
Chorus Master and Répétiteur
Pacific Opera Victoria
Victoria, BC

"I suffer from a chronic, and pronouncedly irresponsible, state of procrastination–a state of mind that significantly worsens around the tax season time. A few years back this condition helped CRA open a hunting season on my measly assets. It was only through the amazing work of one Brad Howland that the whole thing took a turn for much better and resulted in a handsome tax return."

Petar Dundjerski
Assistant Conductor in Residence
Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
Edmonton, AB

"I have always found your tax advice to be excellent. You have always been able to answer my questions and have always done an excellent job on my taxes."

Donna Robertson
Victoria Symphony Orchestra
Victoria, BC

"You've always been prompt and helpful, and you don't seem to mind all the extra questions I throw your way. I'd be happy to recommend your services to anyone."

Dexine Wallbank
Freelance Violinist
Victoria, BC

"If you're like me, you've looked all over the piano for that T4...? Nada. A very good friend referred me to Brad, and voila! Get Brad to show"

James Hill
Music Director
Canadian College of the Performing Arts
Victoria, BC

"Howland Tax Services has done my tax preparation since 1993. I would (and do!) recommend their tax services to anyone. Brad has always dealt with my tax needs in a professional, prompt, discreet, and direct manner. I'm getting what I want from a 'tax guy.' I don't have to worry about my tax preparation, I've never had problems with Revenue Canada, and I get good tax advice when I need it."

Jeff Comba
Web Developer
Vancouver, BC

"As a classical musician and clinician working in both Canada and the United States, I have had very complicated tax returns, including self-employment, employee, and investment income. In any given year, Howland Tax Services will sort out and file my Canadian return, GST return, U.S. return, and as many as three separate state returns; all done efficiently and quickly. Howland Tax Services always manages to maximize all of my returns."

Larry Knopp
Principal Trumpet
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
Vancouver, BC

"As a professional musician that stays busy playing and teaching I know how important it is to have a professional 'handel' my tax dealings. Howland Tax Services gives me the peace of mind that comes from knowing all the details are taken care of to my best advantage. As a fellow musician Brad 'knows the score' when it comes to financial organization and 'conducts' me through each tax year to standing ovations!"

Martin Hackleman
Principal Horn
National Symphony Orchestra
Washington, DC

"Mr. Howland's expertise has allowed me to quickly and painlessly organize my tax return for the past five years now. Speaking as a professional musician, I know his special skills in this field can save me money. He has 'saved me' on more than one occasion!"

Peter Caton
Freelance Cellist, Arranger, and Teacher
Vancouver, BC

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